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Goffle Road

Goffle Road Poultry Farm offers a wide variety of live chicken, including fryers, broilers and roasters, and other birds like Turkey and Duck. We offer both whole birds and select parts such as chicken breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and cutlets. Specialty items include chicken sausage, ground meat, and burgers. Game meats such as quail, pheasant, goose, guinea hen, silkie, rabbit, and capon are available depending on the season.

Additionally, Goffle Road Poultry Farm offer a large selection of farm fresh eggs, from brown eggs to white eggs in a variety of sizes. Also offer duck and quail eggs depending on the season.

The Goffle Road Poultry Farm invites you to explore the advantages of fresh processed poultry and provide your loved ones with a healthier and more savory dining experience.